Complete Your Employer Questionnaire

Complete Your Employer Questionnaire

Accounting for 25% of your program score, your employer questionnaire tells us what’s so great about working for your organization. The employer questionnaire may be completed during a two-week window.

Each participating organization must complete the Employer Benefits & Policies Questionnaire (AKA the “employer questionnaire” or the “EQ”). The employer questionnaire is where important information is captured about company policies, practices and demographics. This portion of the assessment is sent shortly after the registration deadline and is due before employee surveys are sent. Please refer to the program timeline to learn more.

The employer questionnaire will be emailed to your primary contact, who will then complete and submit it online.


Employer questionnaire open period: 7/7/2017- 7/21/2017

To see a sample of the employer questionnaire, download our demo.

PDF: Employer Benefits & Policies Questionnaire

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